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Welcome Reception & Opening Remarks




Session 1 

  • An Appraisal of the Migration Industry in Migration Governance

  • Mobility Strategies, Transnational Migration and Labour's Power

  • Gendered and Racialized Bodies on the Move: South Korea's Experience with Transnational Labor Migration

  • Regulating Race, Work, and Migration in the U.S. Empire


Session 2 

  • Radical Migrations: People and Ideas on the Move

  • Identity Formation and Circuits of Mobility in the Age of Post-Slavery Indenture

  • Global Migration Governance and Migrant Workers' Rights: Antecedents, Constraints, and Implications

  • Managing Mobility: Labor Migration and the Military in Africa, the Philippines, and the Caribbean


Session 3 (PLENARY)

  • Global Governance and Regulation


Session 4

  • Global Migration and Labor Solidarity

  • Regulating Labour Migration: Crossing Experiences in the French and British Empires, 1830s-1940s

  • At the Nexus of Asylum and Labor Market Policies

  • Chance or Choice? The Serendipities on Labour Migration



  • Global Labor Migration: Past and Present



Session 4

  • Inter-territorial Migrations and Mobilities in the Wider Caribbean and the North Atlantic

  • Global Migration and State Regulation

  • Rebuilding Working-Class Solidarity: The Power of Migrant Labor in Chinese Societies 

  • Colonial Labor and Race/Ethnic Conflict


Session 5

  • (Dis)Empowerment, Gender and Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective on Researching Immigrant Women

  • Work and Migration: The Legal Construction of Exploitation

  • Deportees and Refugees: Regimes of Power, Inequalities and Resistance in Contemporary Latin American Transnational Migration

  • Colonial Labor II


Session 6

  • Regulatory Strategies for Ensuring Decent Work for Migrant Workers: The Value and Limitations of Sectoral Approaches

  • Gender, Migration and the Work of Care: Multi-Dimensional Perspectives

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Military Labor

  • Citizen Work: Gender and the Making of Migrant Social Rights


Session 7

  • Sex Work, Border Work, Migration, and Crime in the Modern Americas

  • Gender, Deskilling and Migrant and Refugee Skills

  • Labour Circulation and Precarity in the Long Term: Perspectives from India

  • The Limits of Protections for Migrant Workers Across Australia, Asia and the Pacific


Session 8 (PLENARY)

  • Global Labor Activism



Session 9

  • Doing Family in Transnational Labor Migration? 

  • Regulatory Strategies for Ensuring Decent Work for Migrant Workers

  • The Care-Migration Nexus: A Global and Comparative Perspective


Session 10

  • Low-Wage Migrant Workers' Access to Workplace Rights: A Remedy for Labour Abuse and Exploitation

  • Unraveling Cuba: Rethinking Race, Gender, Labor, Sexuality, and Cuban Migration Histories and Experience

  • Posted Workers in Europe

  • Transnational Placement Agencies for Migrant Care-Workers - Actors in a Global Market


Session 11 (PLENARY)

  • Global Labor Migration: Prospects for the Future